Tuesday, August 26, 2014

AKG k701 in anime

The other day I saw some nice wallpapers. Apparently, anime girls and headphones really go well together, as far as wallpapers are concerned. So I got a bit into researching. It turns out that some headphones that show up in animes are actually real products. Like AKG's k701, for example shown in K-ON.

That's actually a nice pair of headphones, from the looks of it. So I looked it up on Amazon. It's been on the market since 2008, and seems to be generally well-received. For around 200 Euros it's not too expensive.

However, I somehow doubt that most people, including Mio here, would use it to casually listen to music. The k701 is designed as studio headphones with open back, meaning it leaks sound to the environment. The advantage is of course a better sound. Another thing is that the k701 works best with the appropriate amplifier. Buying it to plug it into a portable music player of any kind is just a bad investment.

I guess the k701 is put there mainly because of its distinctive design. Nevertheless, it seems that I wasn't the only one whose attention was caught by those headphones.

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